Initiatic Path

Remember Egypt September 2024

Thank you for finding your way here.

I hope that If you feel it in your heart and in your soul, that you are able to join us In September. It is my absolute privilege to accompany you on this journey through lifetimes.

Egypt is as multi-layered, multi-faceted and multidimensional as our understanding of consciousness. 

There are keys, codes and activations here which begin to awaken within ourselves, memories of the truth of who we are. 

This is a journey.

This is your journey. Unbound from other’s narratives or subliminal agendas. This is a journey within yourself as your path is yours uniquely. Egypt is a powerful place and much like our consciousness, mirrors layers upon layers of truths, distortions of truths, hidden knowledge, ancient wisdom, the mysterious and the magical and of secrets still untold. A mystery still unfolding, as deep and as expansive as the mystery within ourselves.

But what keys will Egypt unlock within you?

That is your unique gift. For the answers are not in Egypt, they are within you, accessible at any time and in any place and certainly beyond time and space..

But one thing is for certain, that a journey through Egypt is a very clear intention, of thought, propelled by the heart, and taken action by the body.

A very strong and powerful intention to Remember.

And walking these Ancient Lands through the powerful technology, built on powerful earth energies, will awaken within your being your own unique Remembrance…

And that is surely the Hidden Wisdom, the Forgotten Knowledge and the Ancient Secrets we are here to Remember.

Which draws so many inexplicably to this place at this time..

An un-layering of Perception of self. A deeper knowing of Self.  Connecting and Remembering once again, the secrets, the hidden wisdom, the ancient knowledge that lies Within… YOU.

Science is only now beginning to understand the ancient wisdom and forgotten knowledge hidden in this timeless place. 

Join us on this powerful journey of transformation and as we explore beyond the known and connect with the remembrance of powerful vibrational technologies and hidden knowledge held within the Sacred Sites in this Ancient Land.

Workshops will include holotropic inspired breathwork sessions, and the use of the Lucia. No.3 (a neurostimulator which induces a hypnagogic trance by activating the pineal gland through specific frequencies of light) to assist in accessing expanded states of awareness, deep intuition, insights and breakthroughs. 

These are all tools which are self-empowering, that require no facilitator, which will allow you to connect on a deeper level with your Inner Knowing. 

But more importantly than all of this is the safe and sacred space we will share on this journey together, as it is always by Divine Synchronicity that we will share this path together.

This is an intuitively crafted journey for anyone ready for an adventure of deep transformation and insight. We have kept the group small and intimate to facilitate individual space for everyone’s development in a safe and sacred space. This is a journey of the soul toward its own Remembrance. 


15th Sept Meet 12.00 at Mamlouk Hotel for transfer to Ardi
13.00 to 19.00 – Ardi Welcome and Opening
Dinner and return to Mamlouk

16th Sept Private Pyramid visit
7am Giza Plateau
Breakfast Mamlouk
Sharing Circle
Free time
15.00 Depart for Oscar’s rooftop for dinner

17th Sept 07.00 am Depart for Saqqara / Serapeum visit
Red and Bent pyramid pm

18th Sept 06.00 Depart White Desert – Overnight Old white Desert – Lunar Eclipse

19th Sept Return to Cairo Airport
Flight to Luxor
Check In Hilton Hotel
Dinner at Hilton

20th Sept 06:00 Karnak Temple
Breakfast Hilton
Free Afternoon / Sessions / Workshop

21st Sept Dendara Temple depart 05.30
Workshop / Sharing

22nd Sept 06:00 Hapchetsup Temple and depart to Aswan
4 hours by vehicle to Aswan
Check in Benben Hotel
Visit to Original Philae Temple site – EQUINOX
Dinner Benben

23rd Sept 07:00 Philae Temple
Breakfast Benben
Final Sharing
Closing and Check Out

Preparation and Integration

In order to benefit the most from this Journey, we invite you to join us 3 weeks before we arrive in Egypt for weekly live zoom chats in preparation for our trip. Here we will be sharing information about each of the sacred sites we will be visiting, setting intensions for our own personal self-development and inner journeys. We will also share breathwork sessions, beginning to fine-tune our intuition and access to own inner wisdom.

We will also offer weekly meetings for three weeks after our trip which will serve as integration and a safe space in which to share any insights that may come up after the journey.


Lisa Armstrong
With an innate quest for truth and authenticity, Lisa never resonated with the old paradigm.

With a financial career abandoned, she was drawn to the simple truth of nature. The magnetic call of the ocean leads the path to a career in Scuba Diving and a deep desire to share a different perspective of life with others. Nature has a way of uncovering our truths.

After building and operating an Eco-Lodge in Mozambique, her passion for exploring and understanding the frontiers of human consciousness drew her on a path of self-discovery, studying Yoga, Kinesiology, Psych-k, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Fractal Psychology, Neurodynamic Breathwork, Plant Medicines, Bio-geometry, with a passion for learning more about the ever-expanding fields of Quantum Physics, Unified Science and Neuroscience.

Lisa has an intuitive understanding that we each are gifted with the potential to be anything, do anything, without exception. She provides a safe space and skills in which to break through the boundaries of the conditioned human mind allowing access to greater levels of human potential that are dormant within each human heart and mind.


Option 1 – Full 8 night Initiatic Path

Alchemist Price:

USD 3222 – (Per Person Sharing) 

10% deposit payable before 31st May 2024 to secure 

40% payable by 30th June 2024

Remainder of payment due by the 31st July 2024 

Normal Price:
USD 3999
– (Per Person Sharing)
50% Deposit on Booking 

Full payment required by 31st July 2024

Single Supplement:

If you would prefer a single room, please add on USD 585. If you are coming alone and would like to share, we will do our best to pair you with someone else on the trip😊

Option 2 – 3 Day Journey excluding accommodation

Alchemist Price: 

USD 1111 

50% deposit payable before 31st May 2024 to secure 

Remainder of payment due by the 31st July 2024 

Normal Price:
USD 1333

50% Deposit on Booking 

Full payment required by 31st July 2024


  • 3 Nights’ Accommodation at Mamlouk Hotel Including Breakfast
  • Welcome and Introduction at Ardi Retreat Centre including Breathwork and Sound Journey and Dinner.
  • 2 hour Private Visit to the Kings Chamber
  • Giza Plateau Visit
  • Sunset, Sharing Circle and Dinner from Oscar’s Rooftop 
  • Saqqara, Serapeum, Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid
  • Overnight Trip to the Desert Including Return Transfers / Lunch, dinner and breakfast and Entrance Fees
  • Transfer to Cairo International Airport
  • Internal Flight from Cairo to Luxor
  • Transfer from Luxor International Airport to Hilton Hotel Luxor
  • 3 nights Accommodation at Hilton Hotel Including Breakfast and dinner
  • Visit to Kanak Temple
  • Day trip to Dendera Temple
  • Bus transport from Luxor to Aswan
  • 1 night Accommodation at Ben Ben Hotel overlooking Philae temple (superior room)
  • Philae Temple (Temple of Isis) breakfast and dinner
  • All  Workshops: Group Breathwork / Lucia Light #3 Pineal Gland Activation / Group Self Development and Coaching
  • 3 Preparation Online Live Workshops 
  • 3 Integration Online Live Workshops


  • International Flights
  • Transfers to and from Airport on arrival and departure to Egypt (to make allowance for those wanting to arrive early and / or depart later, transfers on arrival and on departure are for your own account. We can provide details of a meet and great service who can arrange meet and great at the airport as well as transfer to your hotel)
  • Egyptian Visa If Required
  • Return Flight from Aswan to Cairo
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel / Medical Insurance
  • Most Lunches (if needed) will be for your own account
  • Tips
  • Shopping
  • SIM card
  • Any other extras of a personal nature
  • Early arrival or late check outs

Additional Info:

Please check what Visa requirements into Egypt are for your country

Please bring a copy of your passport with you

The hotels we are staying at do have WIFI but it is also recommended to get yourself an Egyptian SIM card with data of you need to be connected 

Egyptian SIM cards are available at the airport

If you are wanting Egyptian pounds, there is an exchange at the airport alternatively it is possible to change USD or Euros into Egyptian pounds at the hotel opposite where we are staying. It is also easy to draw local currency from the ATM. 

Should you wish to arrive earlier or stay later, we can refer you to an agent who can assist you with your booking.

Please contact us to book or get extra information


‘Why I had such a strong pull to join this adventure in Egypt I did not fully comprehend at the time. 

Fortunately, I listened to my heart and went on a journey in which the alchemy of connection turned worldly experience into spiritual treasure. Mutual curiosity and attraction to the unknown made this group unique. 

Every person there unconditionally supported the other and allowed space to connect in an authentic way without judgement. We were keenly aware of the incidental connection and meaning between the physical events playing out on this journey and the inner experiences we were having. 

We visited many pyramids and sacred sites where the timeless energies of potential and possibilities are still present in the ancient remains of the past. Through this amazing journey I learned to connect more with myself and my feelings, knowing that all experiences are there to support me, helping me to detach from expected outcomes. 

As I ventured deeper and climbed into the dark, quiet sarcophagus of my being, I experienced the stillness not as lonely isolation, but a peaceful at oneness with all existence. 

A journey of remembrance worth taking.’

‘An eye opening, awareness & soul expansive journey into the mysticism & sacred geometry and dichotomy of Egypt. 

Not for the faint-hearted. Be ready to expand and open and heal and make new lifelong friends. 

The experience was and continues to be extraordinary’.🫶 with much gratitude. 

Nicole S x

Egyptian pyramids and temples can mean many things to many. Are you spiritually curious and on the path of personal development? Certainly I am and was worried if it will be more touristic and will end up with whole load of selfies. 

Behind the grand and incredible megalithic constructions, there lies a mystical and potentially life changing energetic experience, that barely any organisers know exactly how to unlock that magic. 

The Initiatic path is clearly an exception, supported by numerous guides and experts. Looking back the timings, the sequence, the venues all make perfect sense.  It is lovingly orchestrated with care, taking you on a journey of reconnection to your true self – love laughter and play! 

One day you are in deep shafts of the pyramids and another time you are deep into yourselves in private meditations in privileged locations during very special astrological portals

Be prepared to fly across Egypt, sail on the Nile river, safari through the desert and go back millions of years to walk among the whales. You will make some new friends for life, with whom you will cry, release, laugh and play like a child again. The transformation during the 6 days is vivid and palpable

*”Man fears Time but, Time fears the Pyramids”*


“I knew before going on this trip, that I will come back changed, but it is quite remarkable how much more deep and long the whole experience felt, compared to what it was. These four days felt like a lifetime and I have peeled layer after layer off of myself. Lisa guided the group with her wisdom and offers a beautiful balance between knowledge and open space for your own experiences and opinions to unfold. You can see how well she knows Egypt and how comfortable she feels in these lands, which helped us all to just feel as welcome and at home as she does. Our group dynamic was so beautiful and strong and I am so grateful for the whole experience. Wish I could just jump back to the beginning of it. Words don’t really add up to the experience, all I can say is that everyone should go and see for themselves. Thanks for everyone who made this trip what it was.“


“Lisa Armstrong and I are part of a QHHT practitioners’ group and met at a QHHT retreat, where I was excited to learn what Lisa has to offer in terms of spiritual wisdom and the gift of leading those to their own empowerment, and not just anywhere, but exactly in the energetical axis of the world – Egypt! My husband and I spent 3 days with Lisa, and the group made of our soul family in Egypt, where our minds, bodies and spirits were fully engaged in a beautiful incredible journey within a variety of ancient places of power, offered in a private undisturbed setting. In those places both of us activated hidden spiritual capabilities, realised that in order to obtain important knowledge, the understanding must be achieved that there is no need for scientific proof or evidence or visible/audible agents. The information is literally being downloaded into your mind and heart as you go along those paths being open to receive. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip and are whole-heartedly grateful for mind-blowing insights and guidance offered by Lisa throughout the trip. Highly recommend this journey to anyone who is searching for knowledge, enlightenment and realisation of his own purpose in life.”