Experience the Lucia N°03 Pyramid for the first time in Egypt.

photo: Lucia N°03 Pyramid with lighttraveler

Would you like to experience something that you have never thought to experience before? We love to accompany you and your companions.

The unique offer at the Giza Event Dec 2021

1 – Light Sessions with the new Lucia N°03 Pyramid
2 – Light Sessions without the Lucia N°03 Pyramid
3 – Private Light Sessions
4 – Group Breath Work Sessions with Lisa Armstrong (ZA) and
5 – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ Group Session with Lisa Armstrong

Would you like to be part of it?

Offer 1) NEW – Lucia N°03 Pyramid

Light attendance gmbh is poneer again: The team created the Lucia N°03 Pyramid to emulate the special energy environment in and around the ancient pyramids of Egypt. After a development period, the prototype is now available for testing for the first time. Where else could you inaugurate the Lucia N°03 Pyramid than in Giza in the immediate vicinity of the Cheops pyramid?

photo: Lucia N°03 Pyramid and Lucia N°03 Home Portal

The dimensions of the Lucia N°03 Pyramid are true to those of the Great Pyramid. During a Hypnagogic Light Experience, the face is in relation to the height of the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid.

The top of the Lucia N°03 Pyramid is made of Tyrolean stone pine. The stone pine (Pinus Cembra, Zirbe) is a tree that only grows in high mountains (from 1,500 m to 2,500 m) and has adapted to the harsh climatic conditions. The stone pine can withstand frosts down to -50°C. People have always found the smell of stone pine to be particularly pleasant. The knowledge of the power of this wood is just as ancient and has always been upheld by people living in the Alps.

We use this wood from Tyrol because the neurostimulator Lucia N°03 comes from Tyrol, we have been producing it here longer than twelve years now in the middle of the Alps and we constantly develope the philosophy and devices.

The top of the Lucia N°03 Pyramid (= pyramidion) is coated with 24 carat gold, which gives the process of a change of consciousness even more appreciation.

photo: Lucia N°03 Pyramidion 24 carat gold coated

The inside of the pyramid is lined with a mirror, so that you can feel yourself in a kaleidoscope-like room even before the actual Hypnagogic Light Experience.

photo: Kaleidoscope-effect inside view

The first ten persons will get a certificate saying that they were the first persons who had the light adventure in the Lucia N°03 Pyramid in the energetic area of Giza near to the ancient Cheops Pyramid.

Price: € 120,00

One session takes about 20 minutes. You must have done a test session before to be sure that you like the Hypnagogic Light Experience with Lucia N°03.


Dec 3rd and 5th 2021
Dec 6th 2021 private bookings are possible


up from 12:00 am until 05:00 pm

place: Mena House Hotel, Giza

Book your Lucia N°03 Pyramid session: s.pearce@light-attendance.eu. Lucia N°03 is always one step ahead, be part of it.

Offer 2) Hypnagogic Light Experience in the Mena Hotel, Giza


Dec 3rd and 5th 2021
Dec 6th 2021 private bookings are possible


up from 12:00 am until 05:00 pm

Price per person:

Test: € 15,00
Longer session: € 35,00
Private session: € 160,00 (one hour private surrounding)

Info test session – your first light experience

You will be informed about the procedure and your first sessions will take two minutes and another 5 minutes. Be curious about your first light journey. We accompany you in this unusual experiment towards a new experience of consciousness. Only self-awareness can awaken an understanding of Lucia N°03. If you like the adventure with Lucia N°03, you are welcome to book a longer session spontaneously, which will allow you to experience your inner self more deeply.

Info longer session

If you had already a test session (here in Egypt or on another place of this earth) don´t miss to book a longer sessions what takes about 20 to 40 minutes depending on what kind of session you will prefer. We will help you choose the most suitable session.

Info private session

However, if you prefer a completely private atmosphere without having strangers with you during your lighting experience, then we recommend booking a private session. Since we have three lamps you may come alone or with your family or friends.Book your Lucia N°03 session: s.pearce@light-attendance.eu


with Lisa Armstrong from South Africa


Dec 3rd and 5th and 7th 2021


up from 07:00 pm

A powerful, profound and transformative experience.
Diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful, profound and transformative experience which has been shown to have significant physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.

Activates the Vagus Nerve switching on the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Reduces stress, Oxygenates the body, Alkalanises the body, Provides access to inner wisdom, innate intelligence and altered states of consciousness.


Investment 25 Euro pp

Offer 4) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ Group Session (2 hours)

with Lisa Armstrong from South Africa

QHHT is a profound, powerful & transformational experience, facilitating a direct conversation with the super-conscious, which exists on a quantum level.

Developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon over 4 decades & thousands of sessions, QHHT provides an opportunity to connect with a higher level of conscious gaining invaluable insight and knowledge, deep healing & expansion of consciousness


Investment 25 Euro pp

Info & booking:

Lisa Armstrong


whatsapp: +27827843132


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Lucia N°03 Pyramid with lighttraveler
Lucia N°03 Pyramid and Lucia N°03 Home Portal
Lucia N°03 Pyramidion 24 carat gold coated
kaleidoscope inside view