Decode Your Own Matrix

Join a growing number of beautiful souls from all around the world as we create a powerful and safe space to step bravely into the unknown, by accessing expanded states of awareness. 

In accessing expanded states of awareness, we are able to break free from the Matrix of Illusion we are projecting and therefore experiencing as our external reality.  Finding freedom from the patterns of the past and beginning to create and project new patterns, new ways, new worlds and new realities.

Subscribe and become part of a powerful community as we open our hearts, and within the authentic connection, find and connect with the true power which resides deep Within every human heart, we support one another as we navigate these immensely powerful times of change, transformation and transcendence.

Breathwork Subscription


  • 3 x scheduled breathwork sessions per week
  • Including Integration and Sharing Sessions
  • Access to an International Breathwork Community

About Breathwork

Who Are You?
Beyond the Illusion…
Of the Limitation…
Of Yourself…
Lies Your Infinite Self….

Is Not A Place…
It Is A State Of Being…
Found Beyond the Comfort…
Of the Self Imposed Captivity…
Of the Patterns…
Within Our Own Minds

Neuroscience, Micro-Biology, Quantum Physics is now proving that our perception of reality is subjective, and projected through the patterns within our mind, creating the holographic illusion of the external world that we then experience as our life. 

How Sure are You that Your Version of Reality…
Of What Is…
And Is not Possible
Is not Just a Set of Programmes and Limited Belief Systems…
Projecting Your Limited Version Of Reality…
And What If We Were Able to Change those Patterns…
And Begin to Project…
And therefore Experience…
New Realities
New Worlds…
New Lives

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is based on the principle that each of us has within us an Inner Guiding Intelligence which has all the answers we need to live a more Empowered life, free from the subconscious patterns forged from our childhood, keeping us within repetitive patterns and causing disharmony within our mind, body and soul.

Breathwork uses deep circular breathing as a tool which can provide Access to an expanded state of awareness, where we gain access to our Inner Guidance. 

This breathing creates physiological and chemical changes in the body and in the brain which reduce oxygen going to the Default Mode Network in the brain. The Default Mode Network contains all the neurological pathways within our brain which project our reality and therefore determine our perception and therefore experience of our reality and the limited version of who we believe we are.

By using the Breath to bypass the DMN, we are able to access expanded states of awareness in which we can access our Inner Guiding Intelligence, thereby changing our perception and therefore also the experience of our reality.

  • We Change the Lens through which we perceive our reality.
  • We begin to Decode the Matrix Of Illusion Within Which We Believe We Are Imprisoned.

Breathwork Benefits

This is the breath of the sweetness of possibility and in that breath lie the seeds of greater potential, higher purpose, deeper love. In that first breath lies an entire new world, one that was previously hidden beneath the turbulence of the illusion of the external world. As we let go of our limitations, to step through the fear of our own minds conditioning, we take a breath of possibility, of discovery of new worlds, new realities that are floating effortlessly through time and space, suspended, beyond the reach of gravity, free from the rules and laws that we have been told we need to live within, drifting and floating with the universal currents of energy that surge through the fabric of all of creation.

Thousands of people committed to a regular practice have experienced:

  • Gaining clarity on their life purpose, 
  • Releasing deep sub-conscious limitations which have been limiting their lives and causing physical and emotional pain
  • Releasing old patterns, limitations and emotions. 
  • Deep Emotional and Physical healing.
  • Developing Neural pathways to their Inner Wisdom and creativity.
  • Reducing Stress and anxiety.
  • Redesigning their lives in powerful and transformative ways.

Session Format

For Those new to Neurodynamic breathwork, a session is two hours divided into 3 parts.

  1. An introductory talk with instructions on the breathing technique.
  2. A one hour breathing session guided by a specially designed music Playlist. This experience is Guided by your own Inner Guiding Intelligence.
  3. Integration of the experience. The purpose of this type of experience is to access our Inner Wisdom in order to effect powerful changes in our lives as we Uncover all the sub-conscious patterns which are keeping us from living life fully Empowered. The integration of experiences in the realm of an expanded state of awareness needs to be integrated into our normal consciousness. Time is set aside at the end of the session for sharing. This can be a critical and important step in creating strong neural pathways in our brain  from the expanded state of awareness into our lives, effectively Strengthening our connection to our own inner wisdom and intuition.

Integration & Sharing Sessions

A safe sharing space is available after each session to allow for the sharing and integration of the experience. Often listening to others shares can trigger deeper understanding of one’s own journey and experience.  Participants are highly encouraged to stay a while after the session to allow their psyche to begin the integration process.

Come and join our community!

A regular practice of breathwork has the potential to drastically shift and transform the perception and experience of the world we perceive, creating and building new neural networks within our brain that we may perceive that Which was previously beyond the Illusion created and projected by the DMN which is a collection of patterns creates from the Wounds of the Past and projected into the future.